Startups & Primatech

Primatech believes in startups. We can help to jump start your business growth with innovative and scalable technologies.

These past few years, a lot of startups have been born. Ranging from a small team to hundreds of employees. Some are growing at an incredible rate even surpassing well-established companies. Without a doubt, these massive rates of growth are only possible due to leveraging the current technologies.

Startup. There are several definitions to this buzzword. We, Primatech, consider companies running in their early year as startups. They are similar to what we refer to companies in the old days with brand new ideas. They start with smaller teams to easily approach their goal in different ways.

Startups are agile. Their team can work until late bringing their work to their home. They can work in a co-working space or work together in a cafe. They can have several meetings in different places. When a company grows, offices can change and seatings can be rotated around.

What really matters is that they need to put every time and energy into thinking about their customers and their business while, at the same time, they need to find and catch up with the latest technology, We, Primatech, understand this struggle and hardship. And, that is why we want to help startups in Indonesia to deliver their products without worrying about their technology from the start.

Frictionless workflow

Startup has a dynamic working environment. While established companies have their own office, some startups do not have an office or even designated desk for their employees. Even the title of programmer can have a meeting with the end user, conducting a UX interview, or standing by in an offline event booth. Having a notebook for your employee is your safe bet when starting your startup.

Notebooks are the most recommended computer by us to support startups especially in their early stage. Notebooks are portable and can be brought anywhere when needed. They are relatively lightweight and easy to carry around. Its computing power is enough to do most business operations in the office and have enough power to work out of office.

Notebooks are a good starting computer and easily extensible with other peripherals. Monitor, mouse, and keyboard can be added later easily for better comfort and productivity improvements in the office while scanner or wireless printer can be bought later when it is finally necessary.

Collaborate seamlessly

No matter what your company is, communicating and collaborating together with your fellow coworker is part of your business process. As a founder of a startup, you need to facilitate your employees with the necessary tools to let them work together efficiently in any kind of situation. We believe that one of the keys of success is having good communication.

We recommend Windows bundled with Microsoft365 for your computer - especially for those heavily using Microsoft Offices. Microsoft is a well-known and trusted company as well as a long time player in office softwares, and their products are used by many enterprises. They have highly available customer support and maintained softwares. But, most importantly Microsoft365 offers everything your company needs. From email with your domain name to chat and video conference softwares for communicating with your teams. Due to its popularity, other companies may also Microsoft softwares and it is extremely useful when your company also having one.

For alternative, we also recommend GSuite for those that require just an email with extra collaborating tools. Google already provided the most essential features in their tools for even enterprises to work. GSuite is easy to set up, easy to operate, and very accessible via browser. Collaborating within a company is a breeze as well as working together with other companies with easy access and safe protection.


  • Notebook
  • Windows10

Easy Collaboration

  • Notebook
  • Windows10
  • GSuite

All Team Solution

  • Notebook
  • Windows10
  • Microsoft365
  • Monitor

Essential Peripherals

  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Mouse

Using Cloud Services

Cloud services really suitable for startups. They offer enterprise features and scale well with your company growth. You can centralized your data from day one without having a single server.

google cloud