Multi-purpose machine to elevate your business efficiency and productivity.


Finish your job anywhere; in the office, cafe or home. Keep all of your arsenal with you everywhere.

Personal Computer

Durable and high performance machine in your office with relatively low price.


Packed with high performance hardwares to help your heavy-duty tasks.

If you are thinking of transforming your company into a digital company, you need to decide which kind of computer is suitable for you. Choosing the right computer's specification could take time and headache due to the vast range of options to choose. In general, we can categorize computer into two major groups: Personal Computer and Notebook. Both of them are commonly used today, and both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Computers were first invented a long time ago. They were big and expensive, and only a handful of people could get their hands on it. However, that is no longer the case today. Not only big companies use computers, but small and medium businesses use computers. Moreover, everybody uses a computer on a daily basis. Computers are the main component for everybody to do daily activities including business. They cover a wide range of jobs in the office, home, or cafe. Whether it is finance, law, architecture, or restaurant. With the right applications installed, computers will increase any activities productivity.



Notebooks are a more popular choice by our clients because of its flexibility. It can run the same softwares as your personal computer while carrying it wherever you need to go. Due to its nature, the notebook comes along with a complete setup such as monitor, keyboard, speaker, and mousepad already attached which let you to start your activity right after the unboxing.

Although notebooks relatively offer a lower computing power compared to a personal computer, its performance can still accomplish various and basic tasks from your work or school. You can finish your work in the office, home, or even nearby cafe while sipping your favorite coffee. Collaborating is an even more exciting experience. Working with your teammates side-by-side and discussing presentation material together have never been these easy.

With a 13-inch notebook, you can bring it in your bag to your office, home or outside meetings without a noticeable weight. An extra monitor can be added in your home or office for more comfortable setup and increase in productivity. Nowadays, you can even get a high-specification notebook and its peripheral with a low price in the market.

Boost your office productivity

Improve office productivity with an extra monitor, keyboard, or mouse in your desk.

Notebook maintenance

Fix and maintain your notebooks for a longer lifetime usage with our engineers.

Personal Computer

Personal Computer

Personal computer or PC is built with a long lasting lifetime because of its build, supporting hardware, and highly modular components. If your office or home requires a strong and durable machine for computation, you might want to consider a PC as your first option to buy.

Although PCs are known to be big in size, today PCs offer smaller and compact builds compared to years ago. Now, your office table can have a cleaner look and more space to put more of your belongings. With its smaller size, the PC still has its high computing power and durability.

PCs are famous for their customization and personalization. If you want to spend some time learning more about hardwares, you can build a higher performance PC compared to notebooks or PCs that are available in the market. You can overclock your processors, adding robust cooling systems, or adding neon for awesomeness.

Upgrade PC hardware

Already own an old personal computer? PC is built with high modularity components insides. You can just change only the parts that need to be changed or upgraded



Similar to Personal Computer, workstation has its durability but packed with more high-performance hardwares that is only available in its class.

With high computation tasks such as massive video editing, 3D rendering, or CAD, workstation can handle it effortlessly. Avoiding relentless wait can preserve your employees energy and boost their productivity. Workstation will definitely speed up your workflow and achieve your goals faster.

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Integrate Cloud System

Sync data and improve team collaboration across computer, team or country using cloud storage. Or, use cloud computing to do the heavy task in the cloud - not on your computer.

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