Cloud & Primatech

Primatech believes and has been keeping our eyes on the cloud since day one. Cloud has its own huge potential and benefits.

Having a dedicated on-premise server is still one the best choices for your companies. Although your company can have its own customization, security, and privacy, it comes with a great amount of decision and responsibility to buy and maintain your own server.

Similar to premise servers, cloud servers offer the same capabilities with higher flexibility and lower initial cost. Within minutes, your company can deploy a high performance server with desired specifications and various configuration templates. Building your own application has never been so easy.

Both on-premise servers and cloud have their own strength. On-premise servers have lower latency, great privacy, and can be made for various kinds of customization. Even though servers have been getting better improvements with lesser and lesser price, sometimes it is not cheap for some occasion.

Cloud providers offer their common modules or services with their level of security and quality which means by using AWS your company already uses the same level of infrastructure architecture as Amazon, and that is also the case for Azure and GCP.

For example, you can rely on AWS high-available services to build an e-commerce website without having to worry about any downtime issue caused by power outage or natural disaster. This also can be achieved by having multiple servers in different places but it will consume more time and cost by doing all of the configuration and setup ourselves while it is already provided with reasonable charges.

Cloud has been selected as the best option for early stage companies or startups. Not only does it reduce the cost to own an on premise server and all the engineering cost to maintain it, cloud services have done a good job abstracting all the small details to provide the best infrastructure for your application.

High Flexibility

For us, the most intriguing aspect of cloud services that we are really interested in is definitely their flexibility. In the old days, if you wanted to create a tech company then you are probably need to order your server first. Engineers need to wait for the server to arrive at your office, plug all the cables, and configure it beside the server. When things go wrong, enginners are required to be physically presence to fix the problems. With cloud, engineers can create a server within minutes and turn it off a couple hours laters just from their desk. This capability seems simple but it brings a huge benefit in many other cases.

Pay on Demand

The second most interesting aspect of cloud is its pay on demand feature which can greatly reduce the cost of running the infrastructure when used properly. In simple terms, when a server is just running for five hours then all you need is to pay for that five hours. If it is one second then you pay for one second. This feature is extremely beneficial for automating simple straightforward tasks in your company that occasionally used in certain period. For example, an attendance machine server only requires you to boot up when your employee takes a fingerprint to save it into your database. Or, one of the real world cases is to handle website hot traffic hours by increasing your memory during those times which will give better performance for your end users with a bit expensive cost for a short time.

Primatech use cloud

In Primatech, we have our internal system running in the on premise server which keeps all the data isolated and secure from the outside world. We researched and thought carefully about using cloud for the first time since we are not experienced with cloud but we believe in its potential so we decided to try cloud for the new applications. We run other applications that interact with end users to run in the cloud thus leaving the on-premise server untouched and still unexposed to the outside world. Moreover, we saved a great amount of time and money by not buying another server and not provisioning it from scratch. Learning cloud consumes some time at first but now engineers at Primatech can easily spawn a new server just within minutes.

Consult with us

Cloud is relatively new in Indonesia. Even Primatech could be considered to be new in the cloud industry. However, we believe the potential that cloud could bring for companies in Indonesia to grow. From our experience, we might be able to solve your problem and it is much better to face it together rather than be alone.

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