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Deliver your data on paper on-demand

Undoubtedly, computers are the core fundamental for running business in this digital transformation era. Computers can create documents, save them, and transfer them between different computers. However, at certain times, these documents need to be written on papers.

Peripheral equipment extending the boundary from digital to various media including different types of digital media or just an old-time classic, papers.



Monitor visualizes all the information processed by the graphic card to be seen. Not only it displays a text but it also renders an image, and even a moving image. Because of the existence of monitors, we can interact with computers much easier.

PCs do not come with a monitor. It becomes necessary to buy a monitor when you buy your new PC to handle the visualization. However, due to this modularity, you can easily replace your broken monitor or upgrade it to a better one without affecting any component in your PC.

Notebooks come with a monitor so an extra monitor is optional and might not be necessary. In the office, though, an extra monitor can boost your productivity especially a task that requires two screens at the same time. Instead of using a cramped space or alternating between two windows, with an extra monitor your employee can see both windows at the same time easily. It is also useful when you have a long running application such as chat or dashboard to stay open while doing other things.

Extra monitor for your notebook

An extra monitor can boost your employee productivity in the office while having the portability of the notebook.

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Keyboard is one of the tools that enable us, humans, to interact with computers. If the monitor gives us information by rendering images on the screen, the keyboard lets us give information back to the computer. Without a keyboard, we won't be able to type our email, create our document or excel.

Notebook also comes with a keyboard. You can start typing as soon as you buy it from our store. Although notebook's keyboards are relatively smaller compared to standalone keyboards, they provide all the major keys.

Stand alone keyboards have a wide range of brands and prices. Either a cheap keyboard for low cost replacement or a high end keyboard form professional gamers are available.

Keyboards are easily configured. Just plug it into a USB port, and your keyboards are ready. High end keyboards offer additional software to give more flexibility and personalization.

Extra comfort

Good keyboard provides extra comfort for your employee to work for a long hour typing in front of your computer.

Modular setup

Spilling coffee or water in the office is one of the major incidents in the office. Separated keyboard can prevent excessive cost to replace a whole notebook.

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The other important tool to interact with computers graphically is the mouse. Mouse is able to point precisely at a certain area, select certain objects, and move them around on the screen.

For a notebook, it is called a touchpad because it has a different shape than usual mouse which literally is a pad. Touchpad has transformed much and much more easier to use compared to old days. With much more precise sensitivity and intuitive gestures, the mousepad can handle tasks more efficiently. Nevertheless, a notebook can still use a regular mouse.

Regular mice are portable and fit to a single hand-palm grip. They have a larger area to move around unlike touchpads. Regular mice come with a wide range of types and price as well. From wireless or wired mice to ambidextrous or left-or-right specialize hand mice are available in the market.

Bluetooth mouse

Give your employee a spacious workspace by eliminating cables in their desk and portable ergonomic comfort to carry everywhere.

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Companies have used a lot of papers during their business. Papers were being used to keeping company information or data, transactional or non-transactional. This kind of usage can be easily moved to a computer nowadays with a matter of time. However, transferring data to other companies is a bit more challenging.

Transferring data to other companies can be solved by using API endpoints but it is not an easy implementation. API needs to be developed and maintained while business must still run as usual. Using a printer you can still keep your data on the computer and transfer it on paper on demand.

Laserjet Monochrome Printer

Laserjet printers are fast and cost efficient in the long run while monochrome printing is cheaper compared to the color version. This is suitable for companies that only print text documents rarely or all the time.

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Integrate Cloud System

Sync data and improve team collaboration across computer, team or country using cloud storage. Or, use cloud computing to do the heavy task in the cloud - not on your computer.

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