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Primatech has been established since the beginning of the digital industry era. We have introduced and delivered technologies to our customers including those in need of much better and sophisticated performance in those years.

Other than cloud and hybrids, having a dedicated on premise servers are still one the best choices for your companies. Throughout these years, development on servers never stopped. It keeps improving and more layers of abstraction has been added to simplify all of the processes. In fact, cloud providers are still using these on premise servers to be used by their end users.

Having on premise servers could be considered as a long-term investment for your company. It definitely requires some thoughts at first to start buying a server. Moreover, a commitment to maintain the server for a long period of time. But, as your company grows you will realize the power of having your own server, especially, if you have a dedicated and strong engineering team.

Long Term Investment

On premise servers are similar to your personal computer or workstation in essence. However, it is dedicated to running smoothly 24-hours long with a heavy task running on it. This performance is possible due to the hardwares that is more capable than any personal computer and only available to servers. However, as technology gets more advanced, the cost of those hardwares are getting reduced. Today servers are more affordable and more performant compared to the old days. Some servers are even within range of high end personal computer prices. Price is no longer a barrier for new companies or startups to have their own server right from the start. It is also an opportunity for the company to grow while developing the skills to maintain their own server. For that, Primatech will be your partner to solve any problems during that time.

Privacy and Security

Although there is a hot debate between the security of on premise servers and the security of cloud servers, clearly on premise servers give you privacy and security from the beginning. Unlike clouds whose nature is open and accessible, on premise servers are isolated. However, it does not mean that it is impossible. Engineers need to take extra steps to let your server be able to start talking to other machines using networking. Certain machines and computers can be allowed to access your server. Even better, certain resources in your server can only be accessed with certain authorization. Your data can be safely accessible and safe at the same time.

Centralized Data

By having a server, your company can centralized all your data in the server by interacting with all of your employees computers. While having your data accessible by all of your employee computers, you can analyze and extract a lot of meaningful information without ever thinking about losing your data for decades due to memory loss or stolen personal computers. All of your company data is stored safely and privately within your engineer grasp; in your home, office, or data warehouse.

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