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Chances are you already know about computers; PCs and notebooks. But, inside each one of them there are complex components working together to make this powerful machine to run the way you know the way it does today. We usually call these components as hardwares.

There are multiple types of hardwares that live inside the computer to keep it running. There is one that keeps all of your data when the computer is turned off. There is one to process image and sound from your data. And, there is one to perform global computation from every single hardware which we call as the Central Processing Unit or CPU. So, when there is a problem in your computer, it is caused by one or more of these components not functioning properly.

In general, broken hardware can be just replaced with the new one. However, some computers or notebooks glued their hardwares to be more optimized which is also a good thing. Not only better performance, their lifetime usually longer than their siblings. But, if you are using a personal computer, you can upgrade your computer gradually or on-demand.

Primatech provides all kinds of hardwares: graphic cards, central processing units, hard disks, and others. All of them are genuine products. Primatech also offers a service to upgrade your computer and fix your computer.

Central Processing Unit

Central Processing Unit

Every hardware has their own specific task and a Central Processing Unit or CPU manages all of them. This small piece of hardware computes all the calculation and instruction from other hardwares. Better CPU will provide faster computation.

Two big powerhouse CPU manufacturers are Intel and AMD. Both companies provide great chips. They also provide a common chip set to let consumers easily choose the best choice for their computer usage.

AMD Integrated Graphic

Choose an AMD CPU with integrated graphics to manage your tight budget to get a great graphic performance and overall better performance computer.

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Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drive

A hard disk drive or HDD is a common storage your data formed by multiple optical disks. HDD performance is slower than SSD due to finding the memory by moving and spinning the disk. However, HDD is a much cheaper option to save all of your ever growing data such as documents, images, and videos.

External HDD is a solid option for sharing documents between your multiple devices without worrying about internet connection in any kind of place.

Wireless Hardrive

Wireless hard drive is a good choice for your office or home. At home, you can easily share multimedia files with your families and easily bring it during your family vacation.

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Solid State Drive

Solid State Drive

Another option to keep your data is using solid state drive or SSD. Although it is more expensive, its performance to retrieve data surpasses HDD.

Due to higher price, SSD space should be used efficiently to store most used software in the computer. SSD most commonly used for operating systems because the space is relatively small and its size grows slowly. Furthermore, placing the operating system in SSD improves boot-up time significantly.


There are multiple types of SSD in the market. Non-Volatile Memory Express or NVMe provides faster read and write compared to other type SSD.

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Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory

Unlike SSD or HDD that keeps data persistently even when the computer is shutdowned, random access memory or RAM allocation memory to running applications when the computer is turned on. Running applications use this memory because RAM is a lot faster to access.

With higher memory, computers can run more and heavier applications that consume a lot of memory. Compared to an SSD or HDD that has more than 128GB, RAM capacity is much smaller which is currently below 32GB in the market. With this small fact, consumers can easily differentiate which memory is being referred when not much information is given in electronic products.

Choosing RAM

Choosing RAM is straight forward. The bigger the better. Be aware to choose the right size for your notebook or PC because they are different. Moreover, choose the right RAM for your motherboard.

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Graphic Processing Unit

Graphic Processing Unit

Graphic processing unit or GPU or alternatively called as VGA enhances your graphic computation which improves image rendering on the monitor. Although some CPU can handle image processing by themselves, dedicated graphic cards tend to give better outputs.

Getting a high GPU allows your computer to handle heavy graphic processing applications such as games or 3D rendering softwares.

Cooling System

GPU tends to consume a lot of powers and can easily heat up your machine when using extensive graphic processing. A good cooling system will boost your overall machine performance.

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Integrate Cloud System

Sync data and improve team collaboration across computer, team or country using cloud storage. Or, use cloud computing to do the heavy task in the cloud - not on your computer.

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